Friday, February 28, 2020
By Justin Acker


Living in Denver is amazing and there are not a lot of cons we can think of, but one that seems to be an issue everywhere is TRAFFIC. Luckily, we have a solution to the long commutes to downtown, our saving grace: the light rail! The RTD rail system operates 365 days a year. That’s right, even on the holidays you can avoid traffic! Nine rail lines service 53 stations along the Denver’s North, East, Southeast, Southwest, and West rail corridors. So the only question left is, where do you want to go today?


Our team lives and works in the suburban area outside of downtown Denver because we love the atmosphere, schools, and community that it offers. But, we also love the lively, exciting rush of the city. By taking the light rail it cuts our commute time down to 30 minutes! That means anytime we’re in the mood to go to a ball game, a hockey game, a boutique hotel, do some shopping, or grab some food at any of the various restaurants downtown, it’s super convenient to do so!


Littleton station is the furthest south which is where we started and took a train to Broadway I-25. Another added bonus of taking the light rail as opposed to driving is the free hands! You can do your makeup on the train, do some work, read a book, take a nap, or play some games with the kiddos. I25 station is one of the bigger train stations and is where all 5 trains come together. You can hop on any train in Denver and it will take you here. From there you can go to Lincoln or Mineral station. 


The great thing about this station is it is a 5 minute walk to Wash Park which is comparatively the Central Park of Denver. Also down Broadway is the lovely art district, some breweries and a popular whiskey distillery. There is a huge parking lot here making it a great place to meet friends and connect to make the day happen. 


Along the ride to Union Station you will see the beautiful Empower Field where the Broncos play, the Elidge Gardens family amusement park, the Denver Aquarium, and the Children’s Museum. The light rail is a perfect way to get to all of these places! You’ll also pass Buckhorn Exchange, one of the oldest restaurants in Denver. It opened in 1893 and is a steakhouse that has gamey food and is perfect to dine with your family or friends. 


Last stop for us, Union Station, is an amazing spot with great vibes and a welcoming atmosphere. It is right in the center of downtown Denver and is a hub for boutique hotels, restaurants, shops, the ballpark, the ice rink where the Avalanches play, and over the I-25 Low high and the highlands! There’s so many fun things to do and the light rail is an amazing way to get there and also decrease your carbon footprint!