Wednesday, January 22, 2020
By Justin Acker


Are you in search of an exhilarating escape from the cold Denver winters that everyone can enjoy? Well, look no further! SNÖBAHN has got you covered. This Colorado based company brought to life an indoor ski and snowboard center. Whether you have a toddler just starting out or you’re an adult who wants to learn for the first time this is the perfect place for you. Even the most advanced and technical athletes will find fun and challenges within SNÖBAHN. No matter your age or skill level they will foster improvement and progression in a fun and safe environment.


What are the benefits of an indoor ski and snowboard experience? The weather for starters! Being indoors gives you predictability and reliability. No more waiting for the perfect powder or conditions to get on your board or skis. Open year round, SNÖBAHN eliminates long travel times to the mountain with their central location and the possibility of adverse conditions. Since you are not waiting for sporadic days you are able to spend out on the slopes practicing, you receive an accelerated learning experience. You’ll quickly form muscle memory by repetition and immediate feedback in the comfort of the warm indoors. 


Lastly, possibly the biggest benefit: it’s more affordable! Since they provide you with the gear you need and it is indoors there is no need to invest in all that expensive stuff you need for the mountain. You’ll also be saving on gas since you won’t be driving long distances to the mountains. Also, can you say “goodbye high-priced lift tickets”?!


One half hour of skiing or snowboarding on their slopes at the average speed is the equivalent of skiing 3,300 vertical feet seven complete times, without the downtime of lift-lines or chairlift rides. Can you feel your quads burning yet? After you get your workout on you can go and relax in the bar and enjoy coffee, beer, or wine! If you’re not looking to hop in on the fun of hitting the slopes, you can view your friends or kids from the comfort of the bar as well. Either way, it sounds like a win to me!


They offer lessons for people of any age and skill level. They can be group lessons or private lessons. SNÖBAHN also offers camps and has an event space for you to host a birthday party or corporate gathering. One way or another, be sure to find your way over to SNÖBAHN for a great time!